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Hi Friends!

Carissa Divant
Nov 13, 2019

Hi friends! It’s here, we’re adding a blog to my website! I know I’m a little late to the party (hey, sometimes you just run late) but I’m excited to have my own little corner online to share things with you that are longer than an instagram caption. I’ll share photos from my sessions here as well as stories about my business and life beyond the camera. My husband Keegan will also jump on here too giving you a behind the scenes look at some of the projects we’re working on!

Writing the first post feels a little overwhelming. I found myself staring at the blinking cursor on my screen waiting for the perfect words to flow from my fingers. Then I remembered the words from one of my favorite speakers Christy Wright, do it scared! I could wait and wait until I had all the right words filled with beautiful wisdom and launch this blog that way or I could just start! So here I am. I realize I have things to say and stories I want to share with you and I’m just so glad you’ve found your way here.  

Carissa Divant
Carissa is the founder and owner of By Grace Studios.

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